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just try 25 minutes per day with any fitness level
How |
just try 25 minutes per day with any fitness level

Our assistance with

I want a beautiful and straight posture
Regular exercises will help to straighten your back, get rid of a bulging belly and a “computer neck syndrome”
I feel like I'm not active enough
Training takes only 25 minutes per day - and the result is noticeable in a couple of weeks
Back troubles you
Training will help to cope with pain, and troubles with back, improve your sexy posture, moreover avoid troubles in the future
Magic word «prevention»
Training helps to keep your back muscles fitted and teaches you to understand your body better
Your gains

Beautiful posture

Due to the exercises, you will get rid of slouching and bulging belly. Your shoulders will straighten out, the hump will disappear, and you will become a bit taller.

You will be fond of your reflection in the mirror and everyone will admire a beautiful posture. And may be envy you...

Healthy back

Due to regular training, you will get rid of troubles with the neck, loin and back. And your back will stop make you troubles.

You engage non-working lazy and weak muscles, get rid of clamps and improve flat feet and mobility of the hip joints.

As a result, you will start live up, the pain will disappear, and the muscles of the core, arms and legs will become stronger. The body will feel more comfortable and full of energy. You will even become easy-going. Your shoulders will straighten out, the hump will go away, and you will become a bit taller.

You will like the reflection in the mirror more, and everyone will notice a beautiful posture: both friends and colleagues.

More activity in your life

At the trainings you will learn how to move perfectly and understand your body. As a result, you will feel confidently and light.

Sports will become for fun. You can relax your muscles if they are in stress and get rid of pain on your own - according to the scenarios have been worked out with us.

Our approach

We don’t make professional athletes out of people. Instead, we assist you to learn how to live in harmony with your body - with the help of comfortable short workouts that are easy to add into your schedule.

We guide, but we don't push or set hard deadlines.

We also motivate, improve techniques and have fun together in our Telegram community.

How it all works

We analyze posture and offer individual program
We determine the type of posture, find out requests, ask about injuries and limitations. Then we draw up an individual training program and the goal to reach.
And we also celebrate the date when you make a decision to start taking care of your back.
We teach the basics and safety precautions
We will introduce you with the basic movements, explain the terms and techniques of performing set of exercises.

And it doesn't matter your fit.
We are engaged in Telegram

Short workouts in a closed Telegram channel. Practice when and where it suits you - you only need 25 minutes a day.
We give feedback regularly

We answer questions, follow your progress working out the technique, help with laziness and always support.
Who does all this?


She coaches and develops programs, and also is a co-founder of the project

I am Anya Lavrinenko, a rehabilitation coach.

To say in numbers: 18 years in sport, 10 - in coaching, within 6 years I specialize in working with the back.

Back is the core of the whole body, to which our muscles, organs and limbs are attached, and the health of the body on the whole and the quality of our life depend on how our body functions and moves.


He trains and tests the programs by himself, and also is co-founder of the project

He’s Anya's most targeted client. Yarik works at a computer, has back troubles and flat feet. He trained in the gym, was engaged in crossfit and martial arts. But he had back troubles still there and this situation was even in progress. Yarik was fed up with it and he decided to keep fit and recover.

So this is the start of this club.

Have fun joining us
The visible result will be in 2-3 weeks of training, but in order to consolidate it, you need at least 3 months of training.
3 months
~$50 per month
Personal program
Access for 3 months
Start training
Forever and ever
Very profitable
Personal program
Chat Feedback
Access to the club forever
Two personal consultations
Start training
You can ask a question in the chat on the site or write to Telegram.
Despite the fact that we use simple and safe exercises, trainings have some contraindications.
To be sure that training will not harm you, consult your doctor.
  • Pregnancy at any time
  • The first 2 months after childbirth and operations
  • Hernias and protrusions in the acute phase and acute pain or inflammation in the back
  • Acute abdominal pain
  • Other medical contraindications
What should I do if I have a herniated/displaced vertebrae/varices?

Write to Anya on Instagram. She will answer this question.
What if I don't have Telegram?
We chose Telegram because it is convenient and solves all technical issues.
To participate in the club, you will need to register with it.
If you don’t know how, or there are other difficulties, write to the chat on the site (bottom right). Yaroslav will help with this task :)
Anya will tell you if our training is suitable for you and answer your questions
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